We keep, and breed, merauke blue tongue skinks in the past we have also kept Northerns and Irian Jayas (IJs).

Meraukes are the longest of the three blue tongues we have experience with. We also find them to be the most docile, they are lazy, like to bask, and will often sit on your lap for quite some time. Their tail makes up almost half of their length. The mature at 24-30 inches long, with males being shorter than females.

Visually, They will usually have one stripe running vertically from the back of their head and down their neck. Their front legs will have a distinct checkerboard pattern in white and black. They will have a salmon colored belly that often spreads up under their chin. Their bands can range in width, but usually aren't as wide as an IJ's. The bands are uniform in shape around their bodies, but may be darker on the sides. These bands will have a dark border, and a caramel colored center.